Thursday, 19 August 2010

The Race for Mechanisation - Chimera (Part 1)

I fear my terrible secret is out...

Koppenflak said...

If you'll forgive the observation, this blog recently sounds like it's gearing up for a l-e-a-f-b-l-o... Oh Right. Forbidden word!


It's true, I'm not ususally one for list optimisation, I prefer to pick out models I like and armies which I find fun to play over being some sort of WAAC loser. However the tournament I'm attending in a few weeks time is a team event, and my team are probably a little bit more competetive then me and I really don't want to let them down (too badly lol), so I'm going with a slightly more competetive list, which bears a certain resemblance to a 'Leaf Blower'. I'll admit I'm not convinced of it's effectiveness, it feels very fragile with only AV12 front armour, even if there are 9 such vehicles in the list (keep in mind it's only 1500pts), but I've been persuaded to try it out all the same.

Next up on the work bench - and yes this is all going on at the same time, christ knows how I'll get all of it done - are four Chimera, the bare minimum I need for the list I'm hoping to field.


Da Masta Cheef said...

Noooooo!!!! Don't do it! Go with foot sloggers FTW!

Wolfy said...

Christ on a bike 9 tanks in 1500 points!

You arent going to the marauder gaming tournament in Stockport are you on the 5th September?

Crazy Red Praetorian said...

Welcome to the war, Col. LOL

the other Kevin said...

I know you don't rush finishing your stuff, so it will be interesting to see you get these done in time. Try to get some sleep though for the tourney, and good luck!

pchappel said...

:-) Interesting, I have to admit I'm coming to the same conclusion, though I'm including some "Air Assault" with my Praetorians... 'course, the team tournament I'm gearing up for is in the spring, so a bit more time I think...

Koppenflak said...

Hah! Don't feel too bad, Colonel, I admit I'm guilty of the same thing recently, which I find sad because I've always fancied myself a traditional treadhead with a fondness for AV14.

It's a tourney, in a team environment. You do what you've gotta do, I suppose, and play like a man.

I'd like think it's how you play, rather than what you play, that defines your sportsmanship at the table.

Valtyr said...

Are these the old or the new model Chimera?

Also, will you be doing any conversion work to make them look more "Praetorian"?

Willard said...

Well, blah.

As a long term Steel legion player, there's nothing wrong with mechanisation! It's the way of the future...

No but seriously:

A.) I hate the name leafblower - it's a really stupid name, that's been adopted by the internet to mean "any imperial guard army which uses tanks - at all".

I may have to go away and start innocuously trying to rename rhino based marine armies "The Blacmange Hat trouser press build".

B.) Is a nine tank build in guard ridiculous? I certainly don't think so - that said, I usually run ten in 1500pts, and have done for about 8 years!

C.) You can do a really competitive foot list if you want one!

D.) I find it mildly amusing as a guard player that the hardened infantry player with praetorians is upgrading to mechanised, the hardened Steel legion player is upgrading to airborne...

Col.Gravis said...

Well this one's certainly chucked up some interesting comments!

Da Masta Cheef, I would like to do it with foot sloggers certainly and as Willard quite rightly states there are some pretty effective Infantry possibilities also. My main problem is the same as always though, I'm a bloody slow painter - and painting Infantry takes even longer then vehicles, which rules it out given I've not long to prepare.

Wolfy, it sounds fearsome on paper but remember that 5 of those are Chimera and the rest are on Chimera chasis (bar one which is a Valk).

lol thankyou the other kevin, any hope is gonna need lots of luck!

Koppenflak, I agree on your sentinments regarding what makes defines a sportsman, taking a competetive list does'nt make you an arse, it's how you play.

Valktyr, all old models, they've been sitting under the bed for a rather long time! Conversion work wise, the final fit will be Gatlings as usual and some appropriate tank commanders, for now it'll just be the paint scheme though.

Willard! Agreed nothing wrong with Mechanisation, it's a perfectly valid option, and one which is utterly within the background. Its just in this case the reason for me is optimisation, as the Mech build aside from being the easiest way for me to optimise in the time I have is also probably the best list the guard can put down.

Leafblower is a weird term, I'm not fond of it either, but it does convey the idea of what I've got in mind, most online 40k players know roughly what it means afterall.

Nine tanks is'nt ridiculous no, especially when you consider they're medium tanks at best, it has strengths and it has weaknesses the same as any other list.

Agreed foot lists can be competetive too, though unfortunately I feel I've even less chance of assembling the required painted models in time.

Wolfy said...

Colonel, how much do you gain from the advertising? I wouldn't mind putting my banner at the top of your page and wouldn't mind matching the price depending on what it is



The Hon. Lord Gordon said...

Colonel !

Looks grand ! Like your squadron, is there are going mobile infantry in this chimeras?