Monday, 29 March 2010

Warlord Games ECW Parliamentarian Foote (Part 2)

And now for the second update in my first look at the Warlord Games English Civil War Parliamentarian Infantry.

I've now completed basic assembly of the first box, there are as you'd expect a few gaps to fill but I've got to say overal I am very impressed by the quality of the box, not to mention the quantity!

In total I've made up 12 Pikemen (three basic poses), 24 Muskteers (three basic poses) and a Command Group of 5, though in practice only four will be used, there are spare bodies still as well and with a bit on time I have no doubt you could raise the count higher using these.

I've already commented on the basic troops in the previous post, so now just a quick look at the Command Sprue.

As well as including further bodies, suitable for noble Officers there are a good number of accessories (though not excessively so), parts for a Drummer, Fifer, Sergeant, a couple of Standard Bearer options (either with a molded standard or one designed for a paper/fabric banner, addional hats, more ornate swords and pistols, it's a well thought out piece and mold lines are minimal, if anything I found it better then the regular sprues. With the spare Pike bodies you have left over it allows you to create a suitable command.

Theres really very little else to say now, next step will be filling gaps in this batch of figures and planning my painting, while getting on with assembling more figures, I plan on building two units from my three boxes initially - then it's onto the Cavalry. If the quality of these is anything like the Infantry they should be a real treat!

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