Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Commission - Space Marine Shoulder Pads (Part 1)

The Brief -

Sculpt up a selection of Space Marine Shoulder Pads.

The Commission -

I've been asked to quickly sculpt four different Space Marine Shoulder Pads for different Chapters, I'm assuming someone's planning some Deathwatch Space Marines!

These sort of projects are fairly simple, my method is just to in my head break down the design into simple shapes so each 'stage' can be tackled methodically.

The first of the four is one for the 'Angels of Vigilence'.

I broke this into four stages, the two wings, the chalice and the flame, each individual bit is done in one stage left to cure before moving onto the next, a small amount of GS is applied, flattend with a flat headed clay shaper and then shaped with a combination of sculpting tool, clay shapers and pins. Roughly speaking the chalice is a half circle, the flame a triangle and the wings both half-ellipses.

The second is the 'Ravenguard'.

I simplified this design a little cutting out the outer circle, it was then broken into two stages the mounting and the Raven. The Raven started as a second circle, I then cut the rough shape out with a scapel blade before working on the detail.


AoM said...

I hate to be the one to ask, but is it too late to straighten out the Ravenguard? It's a bit off from being vertically centered.

Also, if these are in deed for a Deathwatch group, the chapter pads are on the right shoulders. Heads should be looking forward. Since you're not bound to a pre-made decal, this is the kind of little detail that can push the scratch sculpt over the top.

Col. Corbane said...

Looking good mate, your small detail work is excellent as ever.

davetaylor said...

Very nice work mate!

Eltnot said...

Nice to get some insight into how you do your greenstuffing. So many things to be learnt.

Col.Gravis said...

Thanks guys :)

AoM, not at all, good call, I've adjusted the Ravenguard symbol so it's properly centered now, not quite sure how that one slipped by me! Thanks very much!