Thursday, 20 November 2008

Imperial Guard Rumours - New Rumours and a Summary

I'm not much of a rumour monger, and this certainly is'nt something I'd ever really planned on posting on this blog, but with the well known prospect of a new Codex Imperial Guard it's hard for me to ignore the exiciting rumours of whats comming soon - even more so on having some new rumours which as far as I'm aware have not previously come to light.

So whats new?

Well through a good friend who recently spent a lengthy amount of time with a senior member of the design studio I've gleemed two potential rules which were mentioned and presumeably then have at least been considered for the new codex.

Firstly is some form of 'Special Orders', the jist of this is that Officers allow Guardsmen to carry out some form of check (presumeably leadership), this then grants them a bonus in a specific action, the example I was given being a bonus in shooting. This is I suppose much like how Special Orders work in Battlefleet Gothic, and would I guess blend in quite nicely with the existing Leadership special rule. Perhaps infanct this is what 'Platoon Drill' is as has previously been rumoured.

Secondly, the Studio are apparently very much aware of the issue that Guard can have with Annilation Missions given that at present a full Guard Platoon might give away as many as 7 Kill Points for comparable points too perhaps 3 Kill Points in many other armies. One proposed solution under consideration is a literal reversal of the Space Marines Combat Squads rule, except under the Guard version a Platoon normally of seperate units may at the start of the game elect to form one BIG unit. I'm not entirely sure how useful a solution this really is at the moment, certainly at first glance it sounds great, but such a move would tie all those squads together with no option to split their firepower not to mention the potential for the whole unit to be locked in one combat.

Anyway, thats the new bits, while I'm at it in this post I'll just summarise briefly some of the other rumours which have emerged - a liberal dose salt is advised (with the above as well).

Codex Imperial Guard:
-Released ~April 2009
-Docturines Gone
-"Much Love" for all three Branches of the Imperial Guard, Infantry, Armour and Artillery
-Additional Special Characters added to unlock special rules etc
-Leman Russ Squadrons/Platoons
-Rules allowing Russes to move and fire all weapons
-30pt Price Drop on Chimera inc. basic weapons fit (
-New Special Rules for Chimera, Armoured Firebase & Mobile Command Unit (
-In the region of 30 Variants of Vehicles - presumeably this relates to weapons fits
-Infantry Platoon of 45 Guardsmen in the region of 200pts
-Possible attachment to Infantry Platoons of other units such as Tanks
-Platoon Drill allowing squads of a single Platoon too negate the 4+ cover save cofferred by shooting through friendly units from their own platoon.

Model Releases:
-Recut and updated all plastic: Leman Russ (inc. variants such as Demolisher on sprue), Chimera, Helhound (possibly in one kit)
-Plastic Command Squad
-Plastic Storm Troopers
-Plastic Valkyerie


Admiral Drax said...


Sounds great - especially the bit about the chimera!

- Drax

Ian said...

I'm certainly looking forward to the new models. Good job spotting those IA2 update changes, although could those only be for the Inquisition?

Col.Gravis said...

Likewise, plastic Stormies especially are a mouth watering prospect for me - they could certainly make Life Guards alot easier to do depending on how they're concieved.

I can't take credit for any of the rumours I've summarised however, they're all nuggets posted up on Warseer amongst other places.

Its certainly possible the changes might apply only to the Inquisition, I guess on that front only time will tell.

Haggoroth said...

I'm especially excited by rumors of plastic Valkyeries. I have a feeling we may be seeing a lot more airborne themed guard armies coming around...

I'd also like to say that I've been reading this blog for a long time and was finally inspired to start my own! Keep up the good work!

Kerensky said...

Just curious, rumour about new plastic Valhallans confirmed or denied?

Col.Gravis said...

Thanks Haggoroth, I'll see about linking you up ;)

Definately if the Valk rumour turns out to be true they'll be plenty of scope for such things - I'm unsure about it though myself having heard from people I trust both supporting and denying the rumour.

Kerensky, I was'nt involved in the conversation, all that was mentioned was the two points I posted.

Haggoroth said...


I have to wonder. With all of GW's recent focus on multiple-variant kits (such as the multi-variant land raider) will we be seeing a multi-variant Valkyrie, perhaps with bits to construct both a Valkyrie and Vulture?

As far as individual armies, the rumors that I've been hearing say that Cadians will continued to be the primary GW supported army, with some kits/bits for Catchans. If you want another army, you're going to still be dependent on Forge World or conversions!

Col.Gravis said...

There are lots of very interesting rumours out there it's true, some of it is fairly clearly wishful thinking, including I have to say some of those things I summarised but I have a feeling when all is revealed alot of people are gonna be very very happy, I predict IG will get more cries of horror - warranted or not - then any of the recent codex releases.