Thursday, 22 November 2007

Orks Drift - Captain Caine (Part 3)

Added his hair last night, another first for me with sculpting, it was actually a good deal trickier then I expected. I worked the whole lot wet rather then doing it in layers as normal, the advantage of this was it was easier to get the whole lot looking as one, rather then multiple wigs(!), though of course that meant as mistakes were made I had to go over bits again. From the front I'm realtively happy with it, though I'm sure it could be improved upon with more practice. The back (not show yet) I'm not so thrilled with, the hair does'nt seem to lie quite right to me, especially when looking top down, I'm probably exagerating the problem, being very self critical I guess, I'll post pics in the future of that portion, tonight I want to get the epualettes finished to square off the toros more, and then to start working on the arm stumps again.

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