Sunday, 18 November 2007

Orks Drift - Captain Caine (Part 1)

Excitement runs high in the barracks of the 4th at the moment, my local GW (Exeter) is going to be fighting out 'Ork's Drift' on the 22nd of December, which of course means lots of Orks(!) and who better to take on the Orks then the Praetorian Imperial Guard! But of course theres more, I've been volunteered to knock out a couple of characters for the game for what Zulu game would be complete without Captain Caine and Parson 'Your all going to die!' Witt?

So I've begun work on Captain Caine first, taking this picture as my inspiration.

The model is being based on a Standard Bearer model, he long ago donated his head to another model, a quick snip and adding of armature for the arms and I was ready to go.

I began work only on one side the body initialy (this was because I had'nt at that point decided on what the other arm would be doing). This involved building up the arm in which a bolt pistol taken from the Baneblade Commander would be held, and also working on the front of the tunic. The tunic would have its top button undone (yeah I know disgusting aint it, a Praetorian in the field without his uniform tidy!), the cloth hanging down.

The head was the next problem, I wanted bare head something like Michael Caines in the picture, there are'nt many which are suited, and on finding the only one which I had in my bits box was a little large (the WFB Empire Outrider with bare head) I could'nt really decide what to do.

So I decided to take the plunge and try sculpting my own head, something I've never attempted before. I spent an evening researching and practicing, finding an excellent tutorial on the One Ring website. On my fifth attempt I produced this, which at least for now I've settled on using, once its cured fully (I'm leaving it 24hours just to be sure), I'll add it to a head and mount it on the model to see how it looks.

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