Saturday, 9 August 2014

28mm Infantry Support Weapons Kickstarter - ENDS SUNDAY!

Thanks to some amazing support from our backers, Curious Constructs and Zinge Industries latest Kickstarter has been a fantastic success so far with eleven new weapons and auxilary options funded for the static platform. These include the Heavy Caliber Machine Gun, Cannon, Mortar, Rocket Launcher, Flac Cannon, Barrage Balloon Anchor, Multi-Mortar, Multiple Missile Launcher, Doomsday Rocket, Searchlight and Flame Cannon, not to mention several more esoteric options!

We're not done yet though, with just hours left we've still got more Stretch Goals locked including the three Self-Propelled alternate platforms, a Wheeled version, a Tracked version, and a Legged variant!

It's not too late to get on board, check out the campaign page below!

Alternative Self Propelled Platforms (LOCKED)
Doomsday Rocket & Multiple Missile Launcher Concepts (FUNDED)
Multi-Mortar & Barrage Balloon Anchor Concepts (FUNDED)
Flame Cannon & Searchlight Concepts (FUNDED)

Flac Cannon Work in Progress (FUNDED)

1 comment:

Da Masta Cheef said...

I'd love to, but right now I just can't afford to. That said, finally have my Gatling gun from your other kickstarter under construction.