Wednesday, 29 October 2008

The Rumours of my Demise are Greatly Exaggerated

Two months... two months?!? Where has the time gone? Well let's just say she's gone back too uni at this point so I've a couple of weeks free to indulge in hobby again before my next absense, oh and I've realised it's now less then two weeks to my GT Heat *gulp* and that I still have a dozen odd Sisters and five tanks to paint, hmmm time to crack on and fast (very fast given I'd originally planed to allow myself a week per squad/vehicle)!

Updates will follow as soon as the paint has settled as will replies to the fairly large number of comments I see have built up (I apologiese to those who've been asking question, will get to those ASAP).


Anonymous said...

He lives!!! Was starting to wonder if we were going to see anything new... Glad to hear all is well, and looking forward to regular updates. Good luck at the GT.

Anonymous said...

It's alive. It's alive.*gg*

RonSaikowski said...

Welcome back, but get to work on your GT stuff! We'll be fine for another few days.

Phill MADCT said...

Welcome back, as for the tanks, airbrush!!

Anonymous said...

Great Blog - Cool projects, I can't wait to hear more.
Good luck at the GT!

Admiral Drax said...

Gravis is [not] dead - Long Live Gravis!

Welcome back, mate.

- Drax.

sovietspace said...

Yeah, good to hear you are alive, I have been missing your 'pithy' (gettit?) adventures. Looking forward to hearing more from you!

Dizbuster said...

Brilliant, welcome back. Have you got the praetorian resin bodies in production yet ??

Shaman said...

Nice blog and really great army.
I take this opportunity to present my blog dedicated to the Praetorian Imperial Guard

See you on the battlefield, je, je.

Col.Gravis said...

Thanks guys :)

That looks superb Shaman, I've linked you, will have a proper look at what youve done tommorrow!

Dizbuster, not yet, but they're top of the pile again now as promissed now the GT has been an gone!

Now then, back to the Guard!