Friday, 29 June 2007

Veterans Night 28/6/07

Well with a view to the run up to the GT I played two games using my proposed GT list last night, one against Tau, one against Death Guard.

The game against Tau was a Secure & Control mission at Gamma level, the Tau army consisted of a pair of Hammerheads (Railguns), a couple of 12man Firewarrior squads, a large Kroot squad, some Pathfinders with their Devilfish, 5 Crisis Suits including the commander, one of which was a deep striking tank hunter, some Stealth Suits and a Pirana. he deployed hte majority of his troops in one corner away from my heavy weapon squads and russ hunkered down in some ruins in the opposite corner, my troops were spread out with the mobile platoon and grenadiers in the center and lascannon armed platoon opposite the bulk of his force in more ruins. He played a refused flank with the kroot seemingly aiming to take the objective, while his stealth suits went for my heavies. He got first turn, and though it could of been alot worse the stealth suits showed just how dangerous they were eliminating the first of my heavy squads in the ruins, luckily he misjudged the distance and my roughriders with lances countered, wiping them out in turn 3. His flank advanced but my relative few heavy weapons got exceptionally lucky downing both Hammerheads by turn 4 while his kroot were repeatedly pinned by my mortar squad, combined this allowed my infantry to advance on the center unopposed while his loses continued to mount. Very happy with the performance of the army overal in this game, and certainly I'm getting to grip with Tau finally.

The Death Guard were another story. Playing cleanse my infantry filled my quarter (spaced out to avoid the ordnance of two Defilers), the rest of his army consisted of 3 squads of Plague Marines, a Predator, Greater Daemon and Plaguebearers. Nothing went right. While I was quite happy with my deployment, my Roughriders failed utterly on a charge in to one unit, and I simply couldnt roll enough 6's when it came to my Lasguns and Close Combat Attacks. My Lascannons hit, quite alot infact(!) but failed to do more then knock off the odd weapon (which promptly repaired thanks to the vehicles various daemonic upgrades). By turn 4 it was basicly him mopping up. In retrospect I should of fallen back from the plague marines in the first turn or two and drawn him further onto my guns, but the combined worry of Ordnance and the threatend arrival of the daemons kept me from doing this, something to keep in mind for next time!

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