Friday, 21 March 2008

Leviathan (Part 5)

Here we go, its definately not finished, theres alot of rough edges, several gaps in the flank armour, the top of the tower needs its edges smoothing off and detailing, and the whole front section needs plates and its big arse aquilla, none the less its ready for action tommorrow.


Phill said...

The dudes over at Bell of lost souls are doing something similar.

I must say your approach is quite a lot more developed and well executed. What about the inside? Any plans there?

Unknown said...

I'm excited to have found your blog today, I enjoyed reading the archives. Projects like yours make me want to start my own record of progress. Keep it up.
Oh, also, I find your Captain Caine model absolutely great.

Boarding Mission said...

Very nice, well done. I think you have done a great job including enough "detail" to make the model look convincing and not like something that was made out of cardboard and glued together.
It's all in the details and I think you have captured it here. I definitely want to see the front when it is done.

Col.Gravis said...

Thanks guys!

@Phill, yeah I've been watching that with interest, a Capitol Imperialis is a real leviathan of a project, I've no doubt what so ever it'll be a truely stunning piece once it's finished knowing the guys at BoLS. I've no plans for interior detail no, as it's a gaming piece first I wanted it to be strong, which thanks to lots of internal bracing I believe it is - I'm fairly confident that it could take a fall from a gaming table and come out with only superficial damage (no plans on testing that though!).

@ian, thankyou! Doing a project blog is definately worth while I think, I find it helps alot in keeping me going especially when its something I'm not enjoying so much (my age old example would be my Lascannon conversion which become a chore very quickly), especially when the feedback rolls in.

@RonSaikowski, aye I'm quite pleased how its turned out so far, there is as I've mentioned alot of work to do to finish the existing detailing, I'll get that done in due course. The front does worry me a little because I think it's gonna be difficult to replciate lots of details on the curved hull, hopefully a big aquilla will offset that a bit but we shall see!

For now thoguh the Leviathans going back to the rear of the line, the Praetorians sculpts are back at the front followed by the Warhound.