Friday, 21 March 2008

Leviathan (Part 4)

And so here I am again, back at the Leviathan, I needed a break from sculpting the Roughriders and Guardsmen masters and with a big Apocolypse game at my local store tommorrow this seemed like a good chance to get it to a state I could actually use it. There are gonna be alot of rough edges by the end of the day, but it will be undercoated, and I'll come back to tidying lose ends and other finishing work later on once the sculpting really is finished.

This will probably be a multiple update day, just a couple of pics for now.

First up the sponson turrets (which terrible mould lines!), the standard small baneblade with the gun plates filed flat and some cut down IG plastic lascannon fitted on side by side.

Then the main weaponry, the Doomsday Cannon starting to take shape, a simple piece of plumbing with helhammer cannon halves forming dampners, at the very least they'll be something substanical beneath the barrel eventually as well, the battlecannon has also been added, a chimney from the cities of death building set which seemed a good compromise in size between the Baneblade cannon and a Leman Russ cannon.


Anonymous said...

Do you have a photo showing the entire thing in its current state?

Col.Gravis said...

Not at the moment no, though theres a fairly recent one back in a post from December, I'll get a new shot up before the end of the day though I expect.