Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Leviathan (Part 2)

The madness continues, be it a little slower now!

I've completed further work on the rear section, mostly rough tidying with greenstuff, the end result there is still a long way to go, but this will mostly wait now until I've decided how to finish the corners. One thing you can see in this picture (be it at a distance) is that I've started altering some of the statues, basicly I decided to have them all looking the same would be... daft, so I'll work on these as I go round the sides trying to keep them all slightly different.

I've also added the curve to the front of the hull, this is mounted directly on a framework you can see in earlier pictures. I cut the templates by taking a piece of paper and slowly cutting it back until I had the right fit, I then used two thinner pieces of plasti-card rather then one thicker piece which has given surprising strength, the picture below shows it directly after glueing (hence the sticky tape holding it firmly in place), like much of the rest of the hull this will then require outer 'armour plating' detail.

Next up came some early work on the sides, with additional CoD sections much the same as on the rear. I've also added the walls and floor of the fighting deck, the keep still needs adding, as do the tower wall facing it with its door. Im leaving that for now however while I do some more work on the sides, at the moment thats the plating on the lower-rear and doing the rear corners, I'll then move onto the lower front before tackling the sponson towers.


Warhammer Fan said...

Hey Colonel,

If by some miracle of hobby skills you complete enough of the front section and one side to take a nice 3/4 picture of your baby soon, I would be honored to use it on my upcoming datasheet!

After seeing your baby, the little epic one just seems so...sad.

Col.Gravis said...


I think the honor would be all mine there! However sadly I dont think I'll be able to get it to such a state any time soon, I suspect it probably wont be at that stage until getting on for the end of the year, there are a couple of other very nice examples of Leviathans completed on the Work in Progress forums mind you, might be worth a look if you want to use something other then the epic model.